Mentoring Professionals

                               "providing the keys to unlock the most successful life possible" 

Independence is Our Specialty

Mentoring Professionals believes that the key to independence is getting the right supports when and how they are needed. This is why we offer the services we do. We offer HSS to those who need a little extra help finding and securing a place to call their own. We can assist with searches, getting I.D and other documents, transportation to housing tours, and everything that is involved in packing to move. Once stably housed, we can offer the support needed to maintain independence. We can provide weekly in person service to help with everything from goals and budgets, to grocery shopping and community engagement. Our IHS(and IHS Remote) services can offer an extra level of support to those on a waiver. Up to 16 hours of in-person support can be authorized to intensively help those who need it to live an independent life. Employment Support is a service we offer that is designed to support independence by assisting clients with employment and building their own independence through work. It is a three phased approach that can be used uniquely to best serve your clients. 24-Hour Emergency service offers the peace of mind of help whenever its needed.  This service is designed to reduce calls to the Emergency Room or case managers. Our staff commits to person centered service and have intense training in trauma informed care.  Employment Support,  IHS, and 24-Hour Emergency are offered to those on the waivered care system.  Our referral process is easy to use and we want to be part of the team to help your clients live their most independent life possible.

One Stop Training Here!

Mentoring Professionals is a one stop resource for all training and hands on paperwork needed for Foster Care Home Providers.  We specialize in helping with 245d paperwork and focus on giving person centered assistance so that Foster Care Providers can continue to provide quality care to their residents. 

We have also recently expanded to support clients in need of new housing, clients looking to return to or grow within the work force and as always we focus on person centered support in all divisions.