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We Are Here To Assist You!!!
As service providers, you assist people with disabilities of all types to remain in a home setting and be as independent as possible.  What about the paperwork side of things?
Mentoring Professionals, LLC recognizes the confusion surrounding the responsibilities of complying with the 203 and 245d rules and regulations.  We can assist you by providing opportunities to have paperwork completed by knowledgeable, competent staff who have experience in dealing with the complexities of rules 203 and 245d.  The following lists all the services we provide.

Ongoing “Hand-Holding” for all things 245D

This includes:

- Intake packets, MN ITS billing if requested

- Quarterly and annual paperwork completed as needed

- Policy updates

- Instructions and assistance with CSSP addendum

- Attending intake and annual meetings

- Acting as Designated Coordinator and Designated Manager if needed 


20% of waiver money

Quarterly updates and reminders subscription

This includes: 

- Quarterly email with reminders, tips and updates related to 245d.



"A La Carte" for Intensive Service Providers

Each service has its own cost based on the time it will take to complete the task.  Mileage and drive time are NOT included in the fees listed and are an additional cost.

-Attending Intake with completion of all 245d paperwork:  $495.00 + mileage and drive time

-Attending the 45-Day Meeting (get signatures and follow-up with the team): $175.00 + mileage and drive time

-Attending Annual Meeting Including paperwork prep, attendance and completion of all 245d paperwork: $495.00 + mileage and drive time

-Consultation: Includes audit of files and assistance on correction orders. $90.00 per hour plus mileage and drive time

*charge is per billing 

* **Mileage is charged at .58/mile.  Drive time is charged at a rate of $15.00 per hour***

If an interpreter is needed, they must be obtained and paid for by your program.

**Note:  A La Carte services do NOT include acting as DC/DM for your program.

Submitting MN-ITS billing using the provider's information and documentation 


Setup fee: $85

1-2 clients: $50  

3-4 clients: $85 

over 4 clients: add $20 per person each billing 

*Billing service can be done monthly or bi-weekly, charge will apply per billing.

Policy and Procedure Manual:

This includes: 

- All up-to-date policies and procedures with headers

- Program Abuse Prevention policy

- One year of our quarterly Updates and Reminders."