Mentoring Professionals

                               "providing the keys to unlock the most successful life possible" 

New services that were launched in the Spring of 2019 include Housing Access Coordination(HAC), Employment Services(ES), 24 Hour Support, and Transitional Assistance. We continue to grow our company and our employees to provide our clients with the best we have to offer on all levels of supporting them in their current growth paths.   Mentoring Professionals was established in 2015 by Deirdre White and Beth Fahlstrom.  Beth and Deirdre started Mentoring Professionals to help other foster care providers with the new 245d rule, and to ensure that residents did not lose the homes that they had come to know and count on.  Beth and Deirdre decided that with their combined knowledge of the 245d legalese and being foster care providers themselves, they could help to keep Foster Care homes in business. 

Mentoring Professionals is a one stop resource for all training and hands on paperwork needed for Foster Care Home Providers.  We specialize in helping with 245d paperwork and focus on giving person centered assistance so that Foster Care Providers can continue to provide quality care to their residents. 

We have also recently expanded to support clients in need of new housing, clients looking to return to or grow within the work force and as always we focus on person centered support in all divisions.