Mentoring Professionals

"Helping those who help others" 

Meet the Founders of Mentoring Professionals

Beth Fahlstrom 

Originally an Iowa Farm girl, Beth became an adult foster care provider in early 2004 after a successful career in business, accounting, and entrepreneurial management.  Her entrepreneurial spirit came out again when she noticed that other providers needed help working through the myriad policies and forms necessitated by the onset of 245d.  Hence Mentoring Professionals was born.  Beth enjoys getting to know the providers and looks forward to many years of training, advocating for, and "helping those who help others."  Beth is married with two children, two grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.  Beth and her husband enjoy working at home together instead of having to go to two separate jobs.


Deirdre White 

Deirdre has been an adult foster care provider for over 15 years.  She became a provider because she loved taking care of people and wanted to be a stay-at-home mom to her two children.  Deirdre started her career in this field while working in Oklahoma with a program designed to keep elderly and disabled people in their homes with supports.  She worked as a case manager and CM supervisor writing care plans and assigning support hours to help residents maintain their lives as independently as possible.  As Minnesota expanded their program into working more with mentally ill residents, she was asked to open a home specializing in that field.  Deirdre has been trained in person-centered planning as well as participating in creating person-centered plans.  She started mentoring homes about 10 years ago and has seen several grow into thriving, positive environments for residents.  Deirdre has two children in their 20's and one grandson.  Deirdre enjoys her ability to stay close to her family by working close to home. 

About Us:

Mentoring Professionals was established in 2015 by Deirdre White and Beth Fahlstrom.  Beth and Deirdre started Mentoring Professionals to help other foster care providers with the new 245d rule, and to ensure that residents did not lose the homes that they had come to know and count on.  Beth and Deirdre decided that with their combined knowledge of the 245d legalese and being foster care providers themselves, they could help to keep Foster Care homes in business. 

What we do:

Mentoring Professionals is a one stop resource for all training and hands on paperwork needed for Foster Care Home Providers.  We specialize in helping with 245d paperwork and focus on giving person centered assistance so that Foster Care Providers can continue to provide quality care to their residents.