Mentoring Professionals

                               "providing the keys to unlock the most successful life possible" 


Our  staff are committed to weekly interactions with people and their teams

Each type of service has a limited time duration that is determined per the case manager and set in a weekly amount (i.e. 5 hours a week)

Length of time services are provided is affected by the service agreement year (*DHS determined)

Employment Supports is an intensive 245D service that requires specific documentation, signatures, and meetings

Exploration Services are designed to help a person have experiences that will improve their understanding about their own unique strengths and gifts so they can obtain employment. Exploration also focuses on discovering what is possible in a person’s local community when it comes to gaining employment. Individualized education, job shadowing, and volunteering may all be activities under this service.

Discovery includes job search, application, and interview assistance. Our staff will provide skills based mentoring including tips on grooming, and coaching social skills, and interviewing techniques.

This phase is to support and mentor when a job is obtained. Our staff provides communication with their employer and mediation if needed. We can include one to one support while on the job or periodic check in to support their job performance.

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