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Housing Access Coordination is a waivered service that helps a person plan for, find, and move to their own home.  Some of the things that this includes but is not limited to:

  • Weekly communication with client on the housing search
  • Weekly communication with the case manager and team
  • Looking for housing that is available within the timeline desired for the client and meets as many factors as possible that have been identified as important to and important for a client
  • Presenting available options to meet the needs of the client including wait lists or adjustments needed to find housing.  Typically, these adjustments come in four different areas; budget, location, time, and amenities.  
  • Once places are identified by the client that are of interest, the HAC then provides transportation and attends housing tours
  • Assistance with filling out housing applications
  • Assistance with appeal processes as needed or letters of recommendation or explanation for potential properties
  • Communicating with any team members and support people to assist with minimizing confusion and maximizing efforts of all people involved
  • Identifying furniture or household needs and then finding creative ways to meet those needs
  • Packing and unpack as well as assisting with providing ways to build a support system
  • Assisting with eliminating barriers for housing such as:
    • Getting proper identification needed for applying to housing (like state IDs)
    • Applying for Emergency Assistance through the county as needed for deposits and other financial needs
    • Connecting to services that would benefit the client either before or after the move
    • Creating budgets and organization methods for effective daily life
    • Researching assisting with credit improvement and criminal charge expungements as needed or as applicable
    • Finding resources for additional funds if applicable and applying for them
    • Finding connections within the community of new housing such as pharmacies, day programs, job centers, etc.
  • After the client is stabilized and unpacked in the new housing environment, the HAC then provides a monthly check in to provide reminders, resources, and conflict resolution to assist with long term housing stability

Our Housing Access Coordination service is unique due to several factors. We currently do not have a wait list and are typically able to make first client contact within 72 hours of receiving a referral.  Our service area is the entire state of MN which allows us to work across county lines and assist with navigating county switching should this occur with a move.  We also have purposeful caseload amounts that allow for intensive searching and overall shorter average times between first contact and moving.  While we do not promise housing, we are committed to doing the very best searching we can and are keenly aware that moving is often time sensitive.  All of our services are completed with a person centered philosophy that aims to put the client in the driver's seat of their services.  

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