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Residential Consulting


Handholding is an all-encompassing service that provides on-going to support related to the 245D compliance of an adult foster care home. 

This includes:

  • Providing all universal required training to staff necessary for compliance (this does not include program specific training)
  • Creation and completion of all intake packets
  • Quarterly and annual paperwork completion and review as needed.
  • Notification of policy updates and guidance on how to implement changes.
  • Instruction and guidance with completion of all CSSP Addendums
  • Attending all intake and annual meetings
  • Guidance on paperwork for compliance with medication assistance or administration.
  • Guidance and troubleshooting related to incidents, changes, and client documentation.

245D Licensing and HCBS Enrollment

This includes:

- Preparation and consultation of all documentation required to file for your 245D license.

- Preparation and consultation of all documentation required to enroll with HCBS

- Personalized handbook of up-to-date policies and procedures required to establish your 245D business.

- Submission of your licensing and enrollment documentation to respective governing entities.


- $1,700.00 base licensing and enrollment assistance fee (does not include any application fees).

- Postage reimbursement for any postage required, as applicable.

- Meal and lodging per diem, at the current IRS rate, as applicable.

- Mileage reimbursement paid, at the current IRS rate, as applicable.

- Drive-time of $30/hour

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